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How Not To Become A Victim Of Theft

You will certainly feel the pain as well as the anxiety and insecurity when you experience burglary in your very own home, which you expect to be safe and be protected from any such problem. Such a distressing situation will likely cloud your thinking about what to do next. So it is useful to have a checklist of things you should do after your home is burgled.

Call The Police When Your Home Has Been Broken Into

The very first thing that you must do when you find yourself a victim of burglars is to immediately call the police, to make sure that you are protected from any ongoing risk. It is not advisable to look around the property all by yourself, as the thief may still be around, hiding somewhere and that will potentially jeopardize your safety. Furthermore, when you go looking around and trying to assess what has been stolen, you may potentially damage or contaminate evidence that needs to be seen and collected by the authorities.

When you have the police with you, together you will be able to get a better idea of what happened.  Make sure that you do not disturb the exit or the entrance points of the property, so that the police team will be able to dust for any fingerprints which they will be able to check in their database.

It is important that you keep a note of the crime reference number issued to you by the police officer, so that you can process your home insurance claim. This is not the actual crime report, but just a reference number so that you can efficiently process the report at the police station.

Doing this will help you deal with the problems arising from the break-in and ensure that you get the necessary assistance, not just a sense of security from the police you will be that should comfort you, but also with the financial aspects that the insurer will help you with.

Also, whenever your home has been broken into or you suspect any illegal access to your home, always change the locks on all of your doors and review whether your current security arrangements are adequate. We recommend 24 Hour Locksmith Pros for all of your locksmith needs.

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