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Top Redflags to Look Out for When Hiring a Locksmith

Written on April 3, 2016   By   in Locksmith

Despite the fact that a locksmith can be one handy person especially when you lock yourself out, they can also be a big security threat and have been on a couple of instances been prosecuted for being scams. Which is why you have to be quite keen when choosing the locksmith service that you will be using for your car, home and even office complex. It is quite important to know what you should look for while seeking a legitimate and reliable locksmith service but it is even more important to be able to point out the red flags that would alert you when you are about to hire a scam. Here are some of them.

Not locally owned

It does not mean that a locksmith service that is not locally owned is a scam. However, you should be wary of them since they are harder to track, and they will also charge you extra for the distance they have to cover to get to you. A local business is much easier for you to track, investigate and easier for you to get references about it.

They answer the phone with “Locksmith”

There is a variety of automated answers that they can use in this particular case, and each one of them is a warning that you should not do any business with them. A legitimate business values its customers enough to hire a person to answer the phone every time you call. They also ensure that they answer with the full name of the business when you call, so you know you have the right contacts.

Too good to be true prices

Some of the prices that the locksmith service offers are too good to be true. For instance, they might quote emergency auto locksmith services at a meagre $45 no matter the time of the day. Even though this might be quite attractive on the surface, there are more underlying issues that should be enough to scare you out of the deal.

Arrives in an unmarked service van

There is a great deal of reasons as to why legitimate business ensure their vans are properly marked. The first is for advertisement purposes, and the other is to let their clients easily spot their vans. Even in the case of an emergency, the locksmith should arrive in a van that is properly marked. They should also have an ID on them, and as they introduce themselves to you, they should also show you’re their identification.

The best way for you to make sure that you evade such scams that can put your security and that of your property at risk, you have to make sure that you look for a good locksmith beforehand. This way you have all the time to be thorough with your search. Ultimately, do not allow the locksmith to drill your lock as the first option. This is usually as a last resort.

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