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When you decide to buy a car, you don’t just walk into a showroom and tell the salesperson to give you just any key. There are certain things that you need to consider before buying your car. Besides the budget, you need to have set your mind on the model of car you need. Once you are convinced that you need a certain model, you have to consider the interior and exterior features and the engine specifications. Then comes the most important section; the security of your car.

Before paying for a car and driving it home, consider how secure the car will be for as long as you will have it in your compound. Most manufacturers are producing their cars with high-end security functions that will ensure you take control of your car from wherever you are. A transponder key is one simple item that can guard your car big-time. With it, securing your posh car isn’t a problem anymore.

A transponder key is an ignition key that is fitted with a transponder chip that communicates electronically with your car. This key is programmed to match your vehicle, hence it is difficult for one to duplicate it, or use another key to ignite or unlock the doors to your car.

For many American car owners like yourself, this is a new phenomenon. It is one unusual technological advances we need to embrace in order to keep up with the dynamic time. The following are some commonly asked questions about transponder keys.

How can I differentiate between a transponder key and other types of car keys?

Car keys are not created equal. However, many car owners cannot differentiate between a transponder key and other types of keys, but for a fact, they are not the same. This key has a plastic casing that is either circular or square-shaped and will always remain outside the keyhole whenever you fully insert the key. However, with many counterfeits in the American market, it is prudent for you to ask your auto locksmith whether your key has a transponder chip inside.

Is programming a transponder key a DIY project?

To give an honest answer to this question, never attempt to program a transponder key by yourself. There are hundreds of professionals around your local area that are ready to help, and help you achieve the most desirable results. Doing it yourself, if you do not possess the necessary skills can compromise the security of your car.

Why do auto locksmiths ask for my license and insurance before programming my transponder key?

Car theft has become the order of the day in many states. For this reason, professional locksmiths take it upon themselves to ensure that they don’t contribute to these crimes by ensuring that they program a transponder key for the car owner and not for criminals. This is the reason why they always ask you to produce your car insurance and driving license. Some might even request you to produce your car logbook.

Why is my transponder key not working even after it was cut?

Well, a transponder key will never work unless it is programmed. Do not worry, all will be well after a professional does the programming for you.

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